Jed Rasula - Dada

Jed Rasula is a professor at the University of Georgia, and the author of Destruction Was My Beatrice: Dada and the Unmaking of the Twentieth Century.


Anna Lembke - Dopamine Nation

Anna Lembke is a psychiatrist and chief of the Stanford Addiction Medicine Dual Diagnosis Clinic. She is the author of Drug Dealer, MD and Dopamine Nation.


Jhanelle Thomas - Ghosting

Jhanelle Thomas is a psychology researcher and the co-author of, "Disappearing in the Age of Hypervisibility: Definition, Context, and Perceived Psychological Consequences of Social Media Ghosting."


Loren Toussaint - Forgiveness

Loren Toussaint is a professor of psychology at Luther College, and the director of their "Laboratory for the Investigation of Mind, Body, and Spirit." He is also Chair of the Discover Forgiveness advisory council at the Templeton World Charity Foundation, and president of the Forgiveness Foundation.


Rosamund Bartlett - Tolstoy

Rosamund Bartlett is an expert on Russian literature, and the author of several books, including, "Tolstoy: A Russian Life."

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